Тренинг: PMP. Preparation to certification exam course

Do you want to have such a result?

  • Know how the exam is designed and what are the pitfalls in the exam questions?
  • Understand how to get ready for the exam and what to notice while reading the PMBoK?
  • Practice the techniques of solving complex questions and choosing the right answer?

What do we offer?

An interactive 5-days training (3 days + day-off + 2 days) in which

  • we consider key methodological issues
  • practice calculations and ethical issues in decision making
  • do more than 150 tests

Why EY Academy of Business?

  • Full-time EY teaching staff with PMP, PSM and other international qualifications.
  • Awards Trainings'2014, 2015 and 2017 in the nominations «Corporate University» and «Company of the Year».
  • Access to the best practices of the global company EY.

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ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner CPE hours

Anna Hryhorash

Tutor, consultant

  • РМР®
  • PSM I
  • ТОС Fundamentals
  • АССА member
Сертификат Академии бизнеса EY

Для кого этот тренинг?

  • who plans to get PMP (PMP®) certification
  • PMP exam: what it is like, how to get ready and how to pass it.
  • Project Management Framework.
    • Key Definitions.
    • Project Roles.
    • Frequently Used Tools and Techniques.
    • Practice Tests.
  • Project Management Processes
    • Project Lifecycles.
    • Process Groups.
    • Practice Project Processes Puzzle.
    • Practice Tests.
  • Integration Management.
    • Develop Project Charter.
    • Calculate NPV, Payback Period and Other Ratios for Project Evaluation.
    • Develop Project Management Plan.
    • Direct and Manage Project Work.
    • Monitor and Control Project Work.
    • Close Project or Phase.
    • Practice Tests.
  • Scope Management
    • Plan Scope Management.
    • Collect Requirements.
    • Define Scope.
    • Create WBS.
    • Validate Scope.
    • Control Scope.
    • Practice tests.
  • Schedule Management
    • Plan Schedule Management.
    • Define Activities.
    • Sequence Activities.
    • Estimate Activity Durations.
    • Develop Schedule.
    • Calculate critical path and reserves.
    • Control Schedule Practice tests.
  • Cost Management
    • Plan Cost Management.
    • Estimate Costs.
    • Determine Budget.
    • Control Costs.
    • Calculate and interpret CPI, SPI and other cost control ratios.
    • Practice tests.
  • Quality Management
    • Plan Quality Management.
    • Manage Quality.
    • Control Quality.
    • Practice tests.
  • Resource Management
    • Plan Resource Management.
    • Estimate Activity Resources.
    • Acquire Resources.
    • Develop Team.
    • Manage Team.
    • Control Resources.
    • Apply Theories of Teamwork in Project Management.
    • Practice tests.
  • Communications Management.
    • Plan Communications Management.
    • Manage Communications.
    • Monitor Communications.
    • Calculate the number of communications channels.
    • Practice tests.
  • Risk Management.
    • Plan Risk Management.
    • Identify Risks.
    • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.
    • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis.
    • Plan Risk Responses.
    • Implement Risk Responses.
    • Monitor Risks.
    • Apply qualitative risk evaluation methods.
    • Practice tests.
  • Procurement Management
    • Plan Procurement Management.
    • Conduct Procurements.
    • Control Procurements.
    • Choose appropriate types of contracts for project work packages.
    • Practice tests.
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Identify Stakeholders.
    • Plan Stakeholder Engagement.
    • Manage Stakeholder Engagement.
    • Monitor Stakeholder Engagement.
    • Practice tests.
  • Professional and Social Responsibility
    • Key Issues of Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
    • Practice tests
  • Practice
    • Doing the most tricky questions.

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