MBTI Step I Qualifying Programme

MBTI® Step I Qualifying Programme

You have the unique opportunity to take Russian-language training in Russia for certification as an MBTI® specialist. This program opens up broad opportunities for personal development as well as for enhanced company performance. After passing the exam, candidates are certified as MBTI® experts and can incorporate this tool in programs to develop leadership qualities and skills and in training and coaching sessions as well as use the OPP Internet portal for MBTI® polling.

Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use MBTI® in a variety of areas.

Who is the program designed for?

This programme is for those interested in the application of human personality theory within an organizational setting: HR managers and L&D practitioners involved in the development, management of teams and high potential reserve, organizational development specialists, training consultants, career counselors and coaches.

Why EY Academy of Business?

EY Academy of Business is a Gold Alliance Partner in the OPP Alliance Partner Program

How is the program structured?

Adopting accelerated learning techniques, the programme provides a varied approach including distance learning, interactive exercises, and an engaging mix of group and individual work

Obtaining MBTI® accreditation

Competence is gauged via an online multiple-choice examination and a practical assessment of feedback skills. Participants will deliver MBTI® feedback session while being observed by an experience MBTI® practitioner.

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